Celebrating our 40th year in Custom Picture Framing causes me to reflect on how it all began...

In 1977 we had been in Texas just 2 short years and I decided to enroll in a correspondence course to learn about picture framing.  The company was Belsaw Institute out of Kansas City, Mo.

Upon completion of the course, I began practicing my newly learned skills on family and friends.

In 1985 I enrolled in art classes at NTCC where under the instruction of Dr. Ollie Theisen and Professor Tom Wilkinson I gained knowledge in painting, good design, printmaking and Art History.

Forward to 1987 ….. I again advanced my knowledge of the framing trade by attending seminars yearly in Dallas put on  by the Professional Picture Framers Association where I learned the proper methods for design, matting and framing various types of art……each requiring their own particular process.

In 1993 feeling confident of what I had studied and learned I took the Certified Picture Framer exam and passed.

Entering several competitions in the PPFA I was fortunate to win a 1st Place, a third place and a couple of honorable mentions.

That was fun, but the daily attention to customer’s framing took most of my time so I dedicated my efforts toward that.

Over many years I have learned not only through experience but also keeping abreast of the industry standards through periodicals and classes.

My greatest satisfaction is taking a person’s particular piece whether a print, painting, needlework, photo, diploma, etc. and making in to a beautiful wall display.

I am richly blessed by God to have the ability to do this and seeing the pleasure on customer’s faces when they pick up their completed framing is my greatest reward.